Google+: New apps for iPhone and Android
March 25, 2013

Today we're launching new versions of Google+ for iPhone and Android. Here’s a quick look at the improvements in four key areas: photos, posts, profiles and communities.

Photos: filters and edits from inside the app

Starting today, we’re adding some of Snapseed’s award-winning photo enhancements to the Google+ iPhone app. So now, when you’re sharing a photo, you can:

  • Do basic edits like rotate and crop, as well as select filters like Drama and Retrolux
  • Adjust saturation, contrast, brightness and lots more by sliding your fingers up-and-down, then left-and-right
  • Single tap at any time to compare your creation with the original

Of course: you can always download Snapseed for more advanced features (like control points), and just this morning we launched the Nik Collection by Google for professional photographers. Today’s release just brings the Snapseed basics inside the Google+ iPhone app.

Posts: see more and do more in less time

Little things mean a lot, especially when it comes to content in the stream, so we’ve polished lots of corners in today’s Android update. For example:

  • Posts include more text up front—from the original message, and from comments
  • Tapping video, photo or link attachments takes you directly to a watch page, lightbox or website
  • Image previews are rarely cropped, so you’ll see portrait photos (for instance) in all their glory
  • Key actions like +1, reshare and comment are displayed more prominently in each post
  • You can swipe through photo albums inline

Profiles: share your current location with specific circles

You’ve always been able to list the places you’ve lived, but now you can display your current location on your Google+ profile. Or not: it’s entirely up to you.

  • If you enable this option, you’ll then decide who can see your best-available location across Google
  • Like always, you can be as public or as private as you want to be
  • When someone with permission visits your profile, for example, they’ll see your current whereabouts underneath your name

To give the feature a try, just visit your Google+ settings via desktop or Android and turn on “Location Sharing.” You can also visit +Chris Hadfield’s profile—the Canadian Space Agency astronaut is sharing his current location (the International Space Station!) with all of us here on Earth.

Communities: more control while you’re on the go

In the past few weeks, we’ve introduced lots of ways to manage your communities from the desktop—both as members and as moderators. Today we’re excited to bring these improvements to iPhone and Android, including:

  • The ability to adjust the volume of community posts in your Home stream
  • The option to invite people to a community, or reshare items with a community
  • Member search, content moderation, and report-remove-ban support for community managers

Both apps will be available in Google Play (v3.6) and the App Store (v4.3) later today, so give ‘em a go, and let us know what you think!

Posted by Amar Gandhi, Director of Product Management, Google+